Our Story

As a Small scale retailer established by Rose Seifert in 2020 at Biberist Solothurn in the western Region of Switzerland, we were dealing with some African foodstuffs, Clothes and cosmetics products made in some parts of Africa most especially from West Africa Nigeria.

In 2023, we have upgraded from a physical shop to an online shop where your Order can be placed nor be picked up to your taste and satisfaction. We are still intact and active in selling foodstuffs, cosmetics Products and Clothes. We are reliable, trustworthy and steadfast when it comes to servicing our Customer`s needs.

Delivering Freshness Every Day at a Time

TASTE OF AFRICA SEIFERT will deliver your order with care and keep it warm at an appropriate temperature, fresh and fine to your satisfaction.

We Take Sustainability Seriously

Safety, Environment and Health are the pillars of the TASTE OF AFRICA SEIFERT sustainability strategy. Your Pickup packages will be ecologically packed. 

Supporting Local Products

While tipping and making donations isn’t obligatory, it is a great way to show your appreciation for services and to help support local ventures that are committing themselves to good causes. Ordering from local stores is another way we support local businesses.

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